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Boundless love …..

When I was pregnant with my second baby, I remember wondering if it would be possible to love her as much as I loved my first child.

The moment my second daughter was born I loved her also, fully and completely, with all my heart and soul


I realized that I did not have to re-portion my love. In fact, the ability to love is vast and infinite.

I went on to have 4 more children and indeed, which each child the love was and is boundless and expansive.

With my older daughters' boyfriends, it is the same. They are welcomed in our home and held in love.

It is the same with our yoga community. What matters is that we practice Metta, loving-kindness.

With a Metta practice you start first with self, then extend outwards to those closest to you, then to neutral people, then to difficult people, then to all sentient beings.

May we extend love, Metta, without condition, to all.

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