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No Mud, No Lotus


Into the ocean of experience of every human life sweeps the “8 Worldly Winds”, praise and blame, gain and loss, success and failure, joy and sorrow.


We are not rudderless. There are skillful and beautiful ways to respond, navigate and surf these waves of winds. 


NO MUD, NO LOTUS is designed to explore, investigate and unpack the techniques as taught by the Buddha and other wise teachers in a supportive and inclusive setting. 


The Buddha did not say “Come Follow Me”. Rather, he said “See For Yourself” if the teachings offered lead to peace, freedom and contentment. 


If you would like to “See for yourself”, please join me. 


The outline of NO MUD, NO LOTUS is:



Dharma talk

Exercises and practice

Group discussion

Q and A


This is a registered event, on Wednesday evenings from 6:15pm-7:45pm. 

The dates are:


March 4, April 1, May 6 and June 3.


Location is: Health Upwardly Mobile (HUM).

3rd Floor, Building 5000

7005 Fairmount Drive SE


The cost is $120 for 4 sessions.



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