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The Gradual Path .....

At the age of 39 I had my 6th baby.

A year later a pivotal event occurred that brought me to my knees.

It also brought me to this question: How am I going to reclaim myself?

My body, my heart, and ME, Tamara, the woman.

This is what I decided:

  • To not panic.

  • To not go for any quick fix solution.

  • To find a sustainable practice.

  • To really put my trust in the mantra "things take the time that they take", and that steady, reliable, devoted action is required.

If someone was to ask me "Tell me very simply one thing I need to know about yoga?"

I would say this: "Yoga is a gradual path, which is completely trustworthy."

My hope is that we each find a yoga practice that is sustainable so that it will be a practice for life.

May we unroll our yoga mats until the very last day of our lives.

I fully intend to do so!

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