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We're now nicely into 2021 and we're still hoping that we will soon have Covid behind us. The vaccines that are now being administered should allow us to get back to being more socially connected.  But having said that, we here in Alberta are back in a targeted lock-down as mandated by the powers that be.  We remain watchful as this part of our shared history is unfolding. 


What can we do? We have sovereignty over how we choose to respond. (Of course at times our nervous systems will be hijacked and we aren't able to access, for a period of time, the capacity to down regulate.  This is part of our humanity).


One thing we can do is take time to nourish our heart, mind and spirit. We can gather tools, resources, moments of solace and delight to inform and bolster ourselves and each other.   


Poetry of Yoga evenings are dedicated to this purpose. They are evenings of poetry, story and music, dedicated to the "Invisible Work."


"The work of my heart is the work of the world's heart. There is no other art." Alison Luterman


These evenings will be Livestreamed every Friday from 6:00pm-7:00pm MT.  All evenings will be recorded. All registrants will receive the recording automatically. The recording will remain live until Midnight MT Sunday.

You will receive the Zoom link 5:00PM MT on Friday. Registration is open up until the event starts (and even after if you would like to receive the recording.) 

I hope to "see" you there.



To register you can pay by eTransfer or PayPal. Each evening is $12. The remaining 3 April evenings are $36.


eTransfer: $12 for one April evening to: fieldofyoga@gmail.com. $36 for 3 April evenings to: fieldofyoga@gmail.com


April 9 Evening

3 April Evenings

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