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Things take time …..

While on a silent retreat I was brought to this comforting realization, and although I already knew this intellectually, this was a knowing, that this time, my heart understood.

Things truly take the time that they take and as much as possible we must hold ourselves in compassion.

Sitting in meditation at 48 years old, a long awaited release occurred, 8 years after the initial shattering of my marriage.

I would not have thought all those years ago this would be the time frame.

Things take the time that they take.

I really feel whatever ones grief, sorrow or pain is, whatever healing is required that time and space must be honored.

Be so, so generous with yourself.

Do the work to ease and soothe the soul.

Practice yoga, meditate, write or journal, read poetry or inspiring literature, listen to beautiful music, go for walks, visit the mountains...and then it is time and space... it will take the time it takes.

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