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Workshop Details - Saturday, November 8 and Sunday, November 9, 2014 - Creekside Hall, (Canmore Seniors Centre), 600 - 9 St, Canmore, Alberta


Saturday 9:30-12:30---- “Standing Like A Tree With My Roots Dug Deep."

Come prepared to dip deep into the standing poses of yoga. We will start from the ground up to awaken our feet, ankles, and legs to approach our familiar and well-loved classic standing poses with new-found vigor and enthusiasm.


Saturday 2:30-5:30----“Taking The Plunge” Into Shoulders and Hips (scuba-gear optional)

Oh yes, this will be good! We will take a delicious amount of time to explore and investigate those notorious caverns of mysterious and intriguing parts of our body. Through skillful means and mindfulness we will telescope into hips and shoulders so you will leave this session with an intimate and worthwhile experience.


Sunday 10:30-1:30----Back-bending - "A Journey Not A Destination"

Back-bending is a unique, interesting and exhilarating part of a yoga practice. We will move slowly and with an intention to notice and explore the various parts of the body that contribute to back-bending. With breath awareness, mindfulness and careful attention we will journey through the varied landscapes of backbends enjoying the scenery along the way. If you don't already, expect to fall in love with back-bending!


Each Session is $50 or all 3 Sessions are $150. You can buy 1, 2 or all 3 Sessions. Since all sessions are thematically linked I'd love for you to attend all 3 Sessions. There will be a special gift for all those who register for all 3 Sessions!






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