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Booking Sign Up Procedure

Some folks have had some issues navigating the Booking Sign Up. Here is a detailed process to make the experience more comfortable.

  • Under the Monthly Passes tab click Buy Monthly Passes. This will take you to the Our Services page which list all the Monthly Passes options.

  • On the Our Services Page, once you make your choice you can either click Buy Now or you can click on the photo. If you click Buy Now you will go to the Schedule Online page. If you click on the Photo you will go to a page with more detail about that offering. From that page to proceed click Buy Now.

  • This seems to be the tricky part. At the Schedule Online page, you have to select a date and time. You have to choose a date and time to continue the process. For all Passes EXCEPT VIDEO LIBRARY, you can click on any day of the month that Class is offered. FOR VIDEO LIBRARY, CHOOSE FROM EITHER THE 1ST OF THE MONTH OR THE LAST DAY OF THE MONTH. FOR ALL PASSES, regardless of which date you choose you will be registered for the whole month.

  • Once you've made your date/time selection click Next. You will go to About Your Info Page.

  • Fill in the required boxes on the About Your Info Page and then click Pay Now.

  • On the Payment Info page you can either pay from the site if you choose PayPal. Or you can pay offline by eTransfer if you choose Manual Payment.

  • Once you have completed the Registration process you will receive a confirming email. If you don't get an email please contact me at:

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