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I was very nervous to attend my first yoga retreat. The Field of Yoga retreat in Invermere was the perfect retreat for me - I had a truly amazing experience. The yoga was what I've come to expect from Tamara, both a challenge and haven for both the body and the mind. The hiking was beautiful and accessible for all. The meals and activities were creatively planned and enhanced the intimate relationship building. The weekend was very organized with flexibility built in. Tamara's humor, gentleness and enthusiasm allowed for an oasis of rest, renewal, support and energy. I look forward to attending the next retreat!

Leah Schmalz

I had only been practicing yoga for 14 months when I was attracted to a holiday in Italy which featured yoga led by Tamara Terry. I shall be forever grateful for this time as Tamara helped enrich my yoga  practice with authenticity, friendship and skilled guidance as she still does today.  The fact that I was a novice was not a barrier. Tamara welcomed the opportunity to help me grow and understand the significance of my practice; instilling a sense of appreciation and contentment.  Tamara created an environment in Italy that allowed me to quite happily and quite simply enjoy and be in the moment.

Thank you Tamara for a truly memorable Tuscan experience.

Alison Keene

My incredible yoga journey  with Tamara began approximately 4 years ago.  Since the first day I met her, I knew immediately that there was something truly special about her.  A classically trained pianist, mother of 6, with a deep love of music, art, poetry and  yoga , she brings something truly special to my experience of  yoga. 

Most wonderful was the being able to attend  a Yoga and Wine Retreat in Tuscany, Italy.  I will never forget the daily yoga in the vineyards, on the grounds of a Tuscan estate, in the warm spring sun! Tamara has boundless energy and embracing love for all who are lucky enough to be touched by her, and to be with her on retreat is a gift like no other.

Marney Lutz

Since I was introduced to Tamara my attitude and perspective has changed due to the results I have seen both spiritually, physically, seeing and especially being part of the beautiful community that she has a unique talent in forming and embracing.  Tamara has opened my eyes to the art and beauty of a solid yoga practice.

When I heard Tamara was offering a Retreat, I immediately jumped to sign up. The Invermere Retreat was such a beautiful experience. It was an opportunity to connect deeper with a smaller group in her community out in the fresh air, embracing nature at its fullest and having a chance to practice yoga with Tamara in a more intimate setting, which in itself was worth the trip.

Maya Owen

I have been practicing yoga with Tamara since 2012. Daily yoga has truly changed my perspective , where life struggles seem approachable and life victories happen all the time!
On the other hand, yoga retreats hold a very special place in my heart. I had the pleasure of attending a 4 day yoga/hiking retreat in Invermere last August. This is where we unite and leave our routines at home. We become a family, a family that laughs , hikes, eats, sings, cries , drinks wine and does yoga together. We build bonds that do not break.

Susie Gautreau

I feel blessed to have Tamara as my yoga teacher. She has tremendous skill in the physical practice of yoga and teaches from her heart. I had the privilege to participate in her Tuscan Retreat. It doesn't get any better than weaving yoga with amazing wine and food in the hills of Tuscany. The  retreats offer great opportunities to open and expand my practice under the guidance of an amazing teacher surrounded by the beautiful community of people that Tamara has brought together. Everything Tamara does is filled with love, joy, music, laughter and some challenging poses. I am grateful to have Tamara as my teacher and look forward to the next retreat!

Bonnie Nicol

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