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Attending a poetry of yoga evening is like being a child again. Art, breath, music, laughter, tears, poetry, and yoga mingle together and provide a complete sensory experience. I wish I had the ability to put into words how unique an evening with Tamara at the Van Ginkel gallery is. But I think that’s the beauty of it- no two individuals will garner the same experience.

Simply put, I can promise you that joining Tamara on a Tuesday evening will leave you with no emotion untouched, and no sense unstirred. If you haven’t had the pleasure of attending a poetry of yoga evening yet then perhaps you need to ask yourself why? In my humble opinion an evening spent with Tamara and is time well spent.

Maggie Hull

I moved to Calgary from Edmonton where I had practiced yoga since 1995, with a teacher I loved.

Once in Calgary, I attended classes at many studios but is wasn't until one Sunday morning when I went to a class taught by Tamara Terry that I found what I was looking for for more than 20 years.

Tamara's classes, workshops and poetry nights have rhythm and a layering of meditation, poetry, music, spirituality and of course the asanas.

What's more - she encourages us to be a sangha - a community; connected.

Thank you for coming into my life Tamara and for being the teacher that my soul needed.

Cara Anderson

Tamara’s Poetry of Yoga evenings are a wonderful opportunity to practise yoga and experience art (the art of poetry, of painting, and of yoga) with someone who is so enthusiastic and authentic about all three. Tamara makes every one of her students feel special and loved, and it is an honor to practise with her in such an inspiring environment.

Shelagh Benning

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