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I have always utilized motion as a means of pushing myself past my limits. Rock climbing, hiking and the wild back country surrounding Canmore provided the perfect arena for this. Something seemed to be missing though. My motions were just moments of exertion, they were only physical. Through Tamara’s Canmore workshops, I was finally able to enrich my physical experience with a more balanced approach, discovering a relaxed and controlled state. It’s a truly unique practice that I can’t seem to do without anymore. I was thrilled to stumble upon yet another wonderful new path while in my old arena.

Kerrie Green

Tamara and I have crossed paths previously but I hadn’t attended a class of hers, and when I did, it was a workshop she lead.  Not knowing what to expect, I kept an open mind but knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. Her use of poetry, music that matches the sequence of poses, and her understanding of dharma teachings – left me feeling lifted!  I love her authenticity, her style and I don’t just mean how she teaches yoga, but it’s her style in life.

Elizabeth Chi

Tamara's Canmore workshops are not to be missed. I should know, I haven't missed one yet, and I don't plan on missing out any time soon! Twice a year, these workshops are a mental, physical and spiritual 'reset button'  that I consider critical to my well-being. Come and join Tamara once at a retreat and I promise you'll want to come again.

Jordan Chaput

Tamara's Canmore workshops are excellent. She continually brings a wealth of experience, passion and commitment to them. Whether I am looking to deepen my physical practice, committing time to introspection and renewal or simply enjoying the friendship of other likeminded people, these workshops always deliver. Thank you Tamara!

Pam Kohlenberg

Many people are looking for self-improvement through exercise, therapy, education, reflection, or diet. The Field of Yoga Canmore workshop provides a space and Tamara presents yoga postures, ideas, and allows time for meditation, but the experience is a safe space to explore and deepen in relationship with ourselves and others, through poetry, music, breath and love. Tamara offers inspiration and rejuvenation through an intimate pathway.

Sarah Green

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