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I will always remember details of my first class with Tamara – amazing instruction delivered with love, the beautiful sequence, the music (that included a favourite), unfamiliar faces – now friends, the words of Mary Oliver skillfully woven, but most importantly the deep feeling that I had, at last, found my forever teacher.

Ruth Searl

Tamara's classes are fun, full of laughter, feature good music and are an excellent workout both physically and mentally. I have attended classes with Tamara for over 5 years which has significantly improved my flexibility, balance and both my physical and mental strength. I would highly recommend Tamara's yoga classes to all!

Larry McMinn

Tamara’s devotion to her practice and study of yoga is felt in every aspect of every class or workshop she conducts.
Not only does a practitioner with Tamara gain knowledge of the physical asanas and breath but one is offered an environment rich with the connection of art thru music, poetry, and readings of Zen masters and the Buddha Dharma. 
The environment is, happy and welcoming because of the community she so lovingly nurtures and works to grow.

Christine Corbett

I started coming to Tamara's early morning yoga classes 3 years ago, and I have been dedicated to them ever since. 

I am very passionate about the physical and energetic body. My consistent early morning yoga practice with Tamara has had great results! I haven't felt this strong and flexible in 30 years!  

I love Tamara's teachings. I love her spunk, stamina and dedication.  I love how she uses music to enhance our yoga practice together. 

Seeing her smiling, welcoming face in the early morning has now become a ritual that I hold dear.

Ungela vanKippersluis

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