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"We are all walking each other home, holding hands with fingers interlocked like a beautiful zipper of prayer."

This is the essence of what the Field of Yoga is.

It wasn't even a question  if I should start the "generosity" program from the get-go of my business.

It was a given! Of course I will share with others, regardless of the fact I am a small business, with not much financial resources.

But I alone am not the Field of Yoga, I have friends and students who walk this path with me.

I approached my dear friend and student Jim David, whom I greatly respect for many reasons, one being his quality of generosity.

I knew that he was involved with a Canadian, non-profit organization called SchoolBOX and so after learning more about this heart-felt, passionate, grassroots organization I chose to lend my heart, head and resources to help them in their efforts to "make education possible" for children in Central America.

Jim and I, together with the Field of Yoga community have made a difference. Together we have built classrooms and touched lives. Our lives have equally been touched by the people of Nicaragua.

Mother Theresa said "The problem with the world is that we draw the circle of our family too small."

Field of Yoga is dedicated to widening of circles!


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