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Deep Listening …..

Last week as I was driving with my daughter Faith she was telling me about her day and she stops mid-sentence and says:

"Are you listening to me?"

Indeed, I was listening and interested. But it has caused me to reflect on why she would ask?

I can't help but think of how as a culture we are so attached to our phones.

One time I was driving and my older daughter was texting while we were talking.

I asked her to please be mindful to me while we are talking. To which she responded:

"I am mindfully listening mom. I am unmindfully texting!"

We develop the ability and the skill to pay attention, to listen deeply and to respond in a mindful, beautiful way on our yoga mats not really so we can be glorified asana (posture) practitioners, but rather so we can share life with others in a present, heart-felt, embodied way.

May it be so.

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