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Walk anyway …..

My young daughter asked me to go for a walk on a warm summer evening.

Shortly before, I had learned of a tragic and devastating loss from the terrorism in Nice, France.

My heart was broken, I walked anyway.

My daughter, unaware of the heartache, was full of joy and conversation on our walk. I listened anyway.

We stood at the top of the embankment looking at the glorious mountains and clouds.

She said "It's so still".

My heart was broken.

I looked and felt the stillness anyway.

We came home.

I tucked my little children into bed.

I placed a kiss on their foreheads, eyelids, cheeks and chin.

They smiled at me.

My heart was broken, I smiled anyway.


Tragedy, loss, destruction, terrorism are a part of our lives.


I will not meet this truth with hatred or fear.


I will not crumble, shrink, run away or hide.


I will meet life with hope and love anyway.

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