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Nocturnes on the mat …..

"In all the works of Beethoven you won't find a single lie." Mary Oliver

Imagine you are given a piece of sheet music. An inspiring composition that will touch your spirit and bring you to a place of truth and beauty.

You are asked to express this composition on your yoga mat and each note becomes a yoga pose.

Skillfully, artistically, with a deep quality of presence and texture you weave these poses/notes together and music is created, expressed and experienced.

Music is all encompassing. There are too many words to express how magnificent music is and yet also there is no word to describe all it embodies and how it reaches into 

heart and soul.

This is, for me at least, the exact same with a mindful, heartfelt, artful yoga practice.

I bow in gratified to all those that share in music/yoga with me.

Together we create beautiful "Nocturnes".

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